Today I got a lot of things done. I decided to celebrate with a drink.  I looked around the apartment, and noticed a few things that might be worth using: […]

Fun With Ice Spheres

For a Christmas gift, the Doctor got me a set of ice-sphere molds. Up until now we’ve been using large cubes for most of our drinks, and we’ve been happy […]

Tequilla Orange Spice

We sat down to play some highly inappropriate Cards Against Humanity with friends, and one of my visiting competitors for this game requested I make something with Tequila for him.  […]

October Rain

It’s gray and raining, so the Doctor and I decided it was time for a proper fall cocktail to celebrate commiserate the weather.  I decided to work with the flavors […]

Red Sea

While the Doctor and I were out with a friend, we stopped by a favorite of ours: the Zig Zag in Seattle. The Doctor got a Red Sea, a rye […]

Krupal's Cocktail

The Doctor and I moved across country shortly after getting married, and like each other time we’ve made a big move, we pruned back our liquor collection before doing so.  […]

Barrel Aging Kit

When we drank at Canon in Seattle a few years ago, both the Doctor and I enjoyed their barrel aged cocktails, which were served in little bottles of their own.  […]

Bitter Blood (Malört Thing)

The other night I found myself at Heritage Tavern in Madison, which happens to have passion for Malört, the famously bitter Chicago liquor.  They even have a special listing on […]