Sherlock_Holmes_-_The_Man_with_the_Twisted_LipAnother blast from our (recent) past.

I recently came across a note, sadly undated, of a cocktail the Doctor came up with.  Obviously we were watching the latest season of Sherlock, and felt a cocktail was in order. It’s a lot of British accents so it’s clearly gin, but my favorite Doctor is a whiskey lover, so barrel aged gin was the middle path.

I happen to really enjoy a number of these ingredients, and I’m glad we (well the Doctor, based on the entirely legible handwriting) thought to write it down. Sadly, I got the bitters from a Kickstarter, and while they are lovely and unique, there hasn’t been a lot of action or communication from the company, and I suspect they’ve gone under.  I’m going to miss these bitters when they are gone.

The Evidence:

  • 2 parts Few Barrel-Aged Gin
  • 1/2 part Dolin Blanc
  • 1/2 part Lavender Liquor (from Yahara Bay)
  • 1 dash Kiawe-wood Pineapple Bitters (note: website hasn’t been updated in long time, so I think they are gone.)

The Crime:

This drink would be equally tasty shaken with ice or simply stirred with a big ice cube in a highball glass.sherlock

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