Fun With Ice Spheres

Photo Jan 05, 9 12 09 PMFor a Christmas gift, the Doctor got me a set of ice-sphere molds. Up until now we’ve been using large cubes for most of our drinks, and we’ve been happy enough with the results to give the large cube molds as gifts, but spheres have a better surface area to mass ratio.

Now I know that home made ice isn’t the same as the high end cocktail bar ice.  I’ve heard stories about bartenders gathering to cut their high end crystal clear ice at a place that mostly serves ice sculptors.  I’ve also seen online instructions on how to get ice to freeze that clear at home.  Maybe if I had a chest freezer to work with I’d try it, but it’s really not in the cards right now, and I’ve been happy enough with my imperfect cubes… even if they do melt faster and less even than “crystal clear sculpting ice.”

So the spheres… I have to admit they are nice.  They melt slower, and more evenly than the even the large cubes we normally use.  The molds are more complicated to fill and use, and we only make two at a time instead of six, but they are nice to use, and the Doctor in particular is really enjoying them.

What’s also been amusing are the errors.  One mold didn’t get filled right, and so the ice ended up being a hemisphere. Another, as pictured, split in half when it came out of the mod, resulting in an odd double hemisphere drink.  I’m still not sure how a mold that holds water in a sphere managed to split so evenly in half.

In short, you may see some of our future drink photos on this site using spheres, and maybe even the odd quasi-sphere-errors, as time goes on.

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