Wrong Season

Photo Jan 24, 7 51 27 PMToday I got a lot of things done. I decided to celebrate with a drink.  I looked around the apartment, and noticed a few things that might be worth using: a banana that was a tad over ripe, half a lime left in the fridge from last weekend’s cooking, a bottle of cheap Mexican dark rum, etc.  I figured, “Let’s experiment!”

The results are decent, but not fantastic. I imagine the drink would be better if it consumed on a beach in warm weather, not in a dreary January night. Hence the name: the Wrong Season.

The Parts:

The Process:

I put everything in a blender with a handful of ice and blended it until it was smooth.  I had hoped for more of a crushed ice or slushy texture, but making a small batch with only a bit of ice means it ended up mostly melted by the time I got to drink it.  I apparently need to work on my blender technique.

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