Doctor & Companion

The Doctor and her Mixologist companion are a married couple exploring their shared love of cocktails together. The Doctor is in fact a real doctor, although not the medical or time traveling kind.  Her companion, and husband, on this and other adventure is a cocktail enthusiast.  Together they mix drinks, and post the results.

What You Can Find Here

Most of the blog is a record of their home cocktail experiments, both the successes and failures. It’s also got list of cocktails we were served at proper establishments, ingredients to put in your drinks, and even how to make some of them yourself.

Ingredient Tags

The cocktails themselves are each tagged by the broad ingredients, making it possible to locate all the drinks including Bourbon or Lavender Bitters.  I’ve tried to keep brand names out of the tags, but some things, like Chartreuse, really are in a class by themselves, and there simply isn’t a generic name to use instead.  The cocktail recipes themselves, however, typically list the exact ingredients we are using.

The ingredient tags also stick only to the ingredients in the primary drink being listed.  Some posts include variations on the main drink, and the the ingredients in those variations are not included in the tags for that post.

Our Methods

It’s worth noting that our cocktail blog is predicated on the idea of blogging about drinks while we try them.  You shouldn’t expect expert prose or amazing cocktail photographs given the authors are under the influence of the cocktails they are discussing. The site is setup so Mixologist can write a post about a drink, but can’t post it until the Doctor has had a chance to edit and approve it… theoretically the next day when no longer under said cocktail’s influence.