Red Sea

While the Doctor and I were out with a friend, we stopped by a favorite of ours: the Zig Zag in Seattle. The Doctor got a Red Sea, a rye […]

Krupal's Cocktail

The Doctor and I moved across country shortly after getting married, and like each other time we’ve made a big move, we pruned back our liquor collection before doing so.  […]

Barrel Aging Kit

When we drank at Canon in Seattle a few years ago, both the Doctor and I enjoyed their barrel aged cocktails, which were served in little bottles of their own.  […]

Bitter Blood (Malört Thing)

The other night I found myself at Heritage Tavern in Madison, which happens to have passion for Malört, the famously bitter Chicago liquor.  They even have a special listing on […]

Wedding Whiskey Unity Ceremony

At our wedding, the Doctor and I held a Whiskey Unity Ceremony.  Each of us poured a base neutral grain spirit into an unused charred American white oak barrel, where […]


Another blast from our (recent) past. I recently came across a note, sadly undated, of a cocktail the Doctor came up with.  Obviously we were watching the latest season of […]

Lucky Gamer

Developed for our wedding, the Groom’s cocktail is a more complex take on a Gin Tonic, using lemoncello and herbal liquors in addition to the gin. For the wedding, the […]

Classy Librarian

Developed for our wedding, a Classy Librarian is a variation on the Bride’s beloved Manhattan cocktail, made with Lillet blanc and a bit of sour cherry vodka instead of the […]

2012 Cocktail

It’s named for both the New Years that was fast approaching when I came up with the recipe, and because its combination of chocolate, spice, & alcohol is about as […]